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Studio 05

Blind day | Dating |

Simon on Coelina

First impressions?

Thin, very, good look.

Exactly what did you mention?

Kids, coaching, careers, food, sleeplessness, DVD field sets, boxing (we don’t approve), hiking (we perform).

Any shameful minutes?

Not. The man during the table cannot discover the reservation whenever I requested, but that every had gotten arranged away before too much time.

Great table ways?


Smartest thing about the lady?

Super easy to get on with, all-natural, chatty and not at all self-conscious.

Did you go on somewhere?

No. Coelina had to get home to treat the woman babysitter.

Markings of 10?


Are you willing to fulfill once more?

I’d like to, as friends. I’m not sure just how Coelina feels. We don’t think she actually is prepared because of this jelly.

Coelina on Simon

Initially thoughts?

There was clearly some distress initially, so after getting informed he previously gone, it actually was good knowing I was perhaps not going to be consuming alone.

What do you mention?

Everything: work, families, personal life, comedy, how nice the meals had been.

Any shameful minutes?

Merely initially because Simon have been sent away.

Good table ways?


Ideal thing about him?

Very easy-going and a genuine gentleman!

Do you embark on someplace?

No, it was a school evening.

Scars away from 10?

7. incorporating great food and business, the evening had been undoubtedly lots of fun, especially using great personnel within restaurant. They certainly were entertaining once I initial showed up together with no date.

Would you fulfill once more?

We now have chatted on the web. Although a real gent, nearly my cuppa tea, however if his stand-up comedy will take off, I will surely go along to support him.